Multifidelity Statistical Analysis of Large Eddy Simulations in Scramjet Computations


The development of scramjet engines is an important research area for advancing hypersonic and orbital flights. Progress towards optimal engine designs requires accurate and computationally affordable flow simulations, as well as uncertainty quantification (UQ). While traditional UQ techniques can become prohibitive under expensive simulations and high-dimensional parameter spaces, polynomial chaos (PC) surrogate modeling is a useful tool for alleviating some of the computational burden. However, non-intrusive quadrature-based constructions of PC expansions relying on a single high-fidelity model can still be quite expensive. We thus introduce a two-stage numerical procedure for constructing PC surrogates while making use of multiple models of different fidelity. The first stage involves an initial dimension reduction through global sensitivity analysis using compressive sensing. The second stage utilizes adaptive sparse quadrature on a multifidelity expansion to compute PC surrogate coefficients in the reduced parameter space where quadrature methods can be more effective. The overall method is used to produce accurate surrogates and to propagate uncertainty induced by uncertain boundary conditions and turbulence model parameters, for performance quantities of interest from large eddy simulations of supersonic reactive flows inside a scramjet engine.

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